Summer of Stargate: SG-1 Big Bang

Summer of Stargate
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The Stargate: SG-1 Big Bang Challenge
Continue the adventures through the 'gate with the "Summer of Stargate" Big Bang for Stargate SG-1 (and SG-1 crossovers).

Authors write a minimum 20,000-word novella or novel in the SG-1 universe. There are no restrictions on genre or pairing. Stories must be primarily focused on SG-1 characters, settings, plot bits, etc. (AUs and crossovers with other shows, including SGA and SGU, are permissible.) Stories with excessive warnings are often difficult to match, so proceed at your own risk.

Artists, Vidders, and Fanmixers claim a story summary and then produce:
artists—at least 3 pieces of art
vidders—at least 1 video
fanmixers—an at least 6-song fanmix

Please read the extended rules for 2012. (Rules for readers appear with the sign-ups.)

The Schedule

January 4: Signups begin and continue until March 31 (for authors).
February 22: Signups begin and continue until April 30 (for readers).
March 15: Signups begin and continue until April 11 (for artists/vidders/fanmixers).
March 31: Rough draft of stories and story summaries due.
April 9: Summaries are posted for artist/vid/fanmix claiming. Claiming continues until all stories are claimed.
April 15: Rough drafts are sent to artists/vidders/fanmixers.
June 15: First story goes live, continuing through the summer until we run out of Stargatey goodness.


PM theemdash or melayneseahawk, your challenge-runners and overall crazy people, or email stargatesummer[at]gmail[dot]com

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